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A robbery occurs when a person forcibly takes property from another person. During a robbery, the perpetrator often uses or threatens to use a weapon. Penalties for Aggravated Robbery can include prison time of up to Life, and if a deadly weapon is found to be used by the Court, then the defendant is only eligible for probation from the jury. 

A robbery accusation is very serious in Texas. Robbery is the illegal taking of property from someone else’s personal possession by using violence or intimidation. Robbery is categorized as either First, Second or Third degree felonies.  The category of the classification depends on how the robbery was committed or the results of the crime.


In addition, if you are convicted of robbery or any felony in Texas, you will lose your rights to possess a firearm for at least 5 years after you are released from your sentence.  And then you may only have it in your home.  You may never legally possess a firearm under Federal Law and you would be severely punished by the Federal authorities if you are arrested as a Felon in Possession of a Firearm 

 A robbery conviction could also affect your future employment opportunities, right to vote and overall reputation within your community.  You need to protect yourself and your future by hiring an aggressive criminal defense attorney immediately. At the Law Offices of Bobby D. Mims, P.C., our attorneys handle only criminal defense cases and have the qualifications to uphold your rights and protect your freedom.

Third Degree Felony

Third-degree robbery occurs when a criminal uses force or threat to take someone else’s property. Some enhancements may raise the penalty.

Second Degree Felony

A person is guilty of robbery if he commits the act and the perpetrator causes injury to a person. Such is a second-degree felony in Texas

Aggravated Robbery

A robbery charge can be elevated to an Aggravated Robbery when the victim in the crime is seriously injured. Aggravated robbery may also take place if the perpetrator is armed with a deadly weapon and threatens to use it against the victim.


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