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Bobby Mims, Criminal Defense Attorney, of Tyler, Texas  appearing on the

Nancy Grace Show airing on CourtTV during the trial of the

State of Texas Vs. Deanna Laney.

Bobby mims Nancy Grace

Bobby Mims, Criminal Defense Attorney from Tyler,  Texas on the Nancy Grace Show, Court TV.  Mr. Mims was consulting with Nancy Grace and Savannah Guthrie on the State of Texas vs. Deanna Laney. The trial of a very religious mother who murdered her two sons, stoning them to death, while in a delusional state believing they were being taken by the Devil.  Insanity plea expert, Park Dietz testified for prosecution that Deanna Laney was insane. A Smith County Jury found Deanna Laney Not Guilty by reason of Insanity.

Bobby D Mims|Criminal Defense Attorney|Tyler,Texas|Lawyer

State of Texas Vs. Patricia Sexton

Capital Murder

Defense Attorney-Bobby D. Mims

The Cherokee County jury finds Patricia Sexton Guilty of the lesser charge of Murder;
Not Guilty of Capital Murder, which spares her from the death penalty.
She is sentenced to Life in Prison. She is not eligible for parole until she has served 30 years.

Drive Me Crazy Episode 5

Bobby and Patricia Sexton have three daughters and live on her grand parent's property in Jacksonville, Texas. But when Bobby doesn't come home one evening, his worried wife Patricia files a missing person's report. Over a month later, police discover Bobby's body.

Tyler criminal defense attorney, Bobby Mims, said that Texas law can protect those who use deadly force when they reasonably fear for their life.


“Generally the law in Texas is that you may use deadly force in some instances," said Mims. "You have to have a right to be there wherever you are; you have to be lawfully carrying your firearm; and you have to be in fear of your life, protection of others, or property."

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